Product Designer & Art Director working towards a more inclusive tomorrow, crafting beautiful experiences for all.

Rachel, a woman sitting with hair pulled back and smiling.

Product Designer engaging in intentional listening to develop products rooted in compassion and authenticity.


Three mobile phone views comparing mattress information.


Mattress Compare Page

UX and Visual Design – Tuft & Needle

I helped identify areas for improvement on the existing Mattress Compare page on the Tuft & Needle site during a sprint. We noted comparisons should be 1:1 and technology verbiage needed clarification.

A yellow room with a blue mattress and folded bedding on top.


Spring Promotion

Art Direction and Visual Design – Tuft & Needle

I led the Tuft & Needle Spring Promotion’s art direction to create new assets. Our team had one month to turn around images from an in-house photoshoot with limited resources. The assets were then used across the Tuft & Needle site and other advertising areas for paid and organic marketing.

The Serta logo on a blue background.


Serta Website Redesign

UX and Visual Design – Serta Simmons Bedding

I co-led a site overhaul soon after Tuft & Needle merged with Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB). My colleague and I were tasked with redesigning every page of the Serta site to mimic our successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand Tuft & Needle. Understanding the customer and current brand guidelines, we helped bring a fresh identity and experience to Serta.com.

People in bed and bedding products.


Product Discoverability

User Research, UX and Visual Design – Tuft & Needle

With the goal of improving customer experience and increasing conversion, I advocated for adding a Product Catalog or Product Listing Page (PLP) to the Tuft & Needle site. Giving the customer more access points to all products in a single page with filtering options, this new feature allows customers more control over their shopping experience.

A side view of a bed with dark gray sheets folded down.


Product Page Template

User Research, UX and Visual Design – Tuft & Needle

From selling one mattress to over 20 products, the Tuft & Needle website needed to refresh all of the Product Pages to be cohesive.

A styled bed in a retail store setting.


Store Finder

User Research, UX and Visual Design – Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle expanded their brick and mortar store experience and wanted to improve the usability of their store finder functionality. I worked on a mini-site to showcase individual stores, partners, and a zip code map feature.


I practice compassionate design where the voice of the user is a guide to creating a more positively impactful experience.

I value listening to understand, giving and receiving feedback, and maintaining an eagerness to learn.

Aside from my design practice, I read copious amounts of Webtoons and grow vegetables in the desert.

I currently work for Tuft & Needle in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you’d like to say hello or make a connection, I’d love to hear from you.